Rubber masks.

I love a good sheet mask. And nowadays, everyone’s making them. But the latest at-home beauty fad to hit the market is rubber masks (also referred to as modeling masks). In case you’re wondering what in the world rubber masks entail, they basically start out as a thick gel-like substance and transform into a peel-off rubbery mask that gives skin multiple beauty benefits in a very short amount of time.

 RUBBER MASKS are a step up from regular sheet masks!

Rubber masks have been a celebrity skincare secret used in top Korean aesthetic spas for years.

I like to refer to these Modeling Masks as «rubber masks,» because of their ability to transform from a gel-like substance to a thick, rubbery mask that seals moisture deep within. About 15 years ago, when they were only available in professional spas. They have been a celebrity skincare secret used in top Korean aesthetic spas for years.

When applied, the thick layer of rubber fully conforms to the shape of your face, allowing mineral-rich nutrients to be absorbed without the risk of evaporation. I’ve never seen such beautifully translucent and smooth modeling masks that peel off and reveal truly glistening and radiant skin!

For all skin types.

This modeling mask is a classic treatment that estheticians around the world love using on their clients because of the results. In Korea, these modeling masks are ubiquitous among premium spa facials, more so than in other countries, because of the intense hydration this delivers, which is a big deal in Korea.

The rubber mask forms a non-reverse-osmosis occlusive barrier that causes a one-way forcing of the active ingredient into the skin, as the goop congeals into a single, rubbery sheet conformed to the contours of your face.

It’s hard not to see instant and incredible results with this kind of product!

For a decade (literally), I’ve always wanted to do this treatment at home. It seemed easy enough, but I just couldn’t find a product with as dramatic of a result… After so many years of this mask living almost exclusively on professional shelves, beauty brands have recently pushed to bring this spa treatment into our homes.

With all good things, there are some words of caution.

The most effective rubber masks are high-grade, luxe products used and backed by estheticians. Rubber masks that are created by mixing powder with water need to be carefully monitored.

I,ve tested seven different rubber masks for a year and found that there’s a world of difference between spa-grade rubber masks and the cheaper versions that retail for 3 to 10 Euros a pop; their appeal might be value, but you’re not doing yourself any favors if quality is sacrificed. In Korea, these spa treatments can go for $50 to $100, and a big part of that cost is on the extremely high-end ingredients used to produce results beyond mere satisfaction.

If rubber masks are going to be introduced stateside, I feel that they should be the real deal: a classic Korean spa treatment literally brought to your home.

You already know about the best spa to find the best rubber mask. Shangpree is an iconic, A-list-studded spa in Korea that sweeps up awards in Korean national government–hosted facialist competitions (yes, that’s also a thing in Korea). After four years of R&D, Shangpree finally launched its long-awaited product line. That product line included a modeling mask! For me, the Shangpree rubber masks are the unequivocal winner of all rubber masks.

LET ME SKIN is another brand I,m in love with… it was founded by an esthetician whose top priority was to make Let Me Skin was founded by an esthetician whose top priority was to make professional grade skincare accessible for the average consumer to use at home. You have to try them!

MD’s Pick Modeling Rubber Masks are   the next generation water rubber mask.

They Calm irritated skin and rejuvenate an exhausted, depleted complexion.

Please check out these must-try modeling rubber masks you can get your hands on right now. They’re the perfect way to treat yourself to some R&R at home when you can’t make it to the spa.


  • Start with a clean canvas. Cleansed (and exfoliated) skin will be better able to     absorb all the nutrients from the rubber mask.
  •   Mix briskly. Beat the powder and liquid (or water depending on the type of rubbermask) until powder is dissolved but don’t wait too long, otherwise it will start to set before application
  •   Go thick. A dense, even application will be easier to peel off afterwards. /react-text
  •   Wait at least 15 to 20 minutes so that the rubbermask fully congeals, creating that evaporation free barrier for mask ingredients to do their magic.
  •  Afterwards use a cotton pad soaked in toner to remove any remaining bits and then pat in a serum and moisturizer to seal everything in.

And voilà!! Smooth, clear, and glow-y skin awaits you !

that’s basically like an arts-and-crafts experience!