Home Spa day


This particular box set is a collection of cult favorites all geared towards bringing the Spa experience right to you.

I love being at home by night, and I love winter or rainny days just because of that. It’s comforting, cozy and soothing. It’s actually not that different than well, just another quiet night in, and yet, it feels different. But another part of it is that this very small but still nagging sense of guilt for not exploring that new gallery, for passing on an intimate in-person catch-up session with your bestie or not throwing them stilettos on and painting the town red.

It’s the perfect setup for a total at-home indulgence/veg-out fully knowing the only thing you’re not doing is going out there to do whatever. And that’s fine by me.

    Ahh, hello, unbridled quiet night-and-day-in.

First and foremost, top spa in Seoul –is a place where in-the-know locals and celebs retreat for true pampering. The experience is one of the most high-end in a city already known for its incredible skincare. Why? Well, estheticians train for three years before ever touching a client’s face.

While most of the people just visit the local baths weekly or the ones within their compounds, called Jjimjilbang you can also find amazing places in Seoul capital to have this kind of experience:

1. Four Seasons Spa. A luxury spa famous for their Fedora products , which contains more than  32 natural essences, herbs and natural oils


2. Shangpree this is the «model spa» recognised by the government with more that 20 years of experience and well known also because its own products, such us the rubber masks.

3. Lab L in Garosugil Area. Well definitely this is the place! you get the membership card and for only abbey 40$ you have a full range of 1 hour-treatment to choose from. Design everywhere, celebrities and a fresh juice bar all -in -one!

So, what’s inside the box?

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Take care of yourself!

Home Spa day set is the perfect pressie for the ones we love….