K beauty for beginners

kbeauty for beginners

We’ve all heard about the 10, 15, even 20 step Korean skincare routine. And I,m here to tell you that nothing could be further from the truth. Korean women do own a lot of products and also do use a lot from them, but the true Korean skin care routine is fluid and customized to how one’s skin feels at the time. No specific number of products is set in stone.

Some days, one could layer on a essence and a serum before the moisturizer, but on other days, it could just be a sleeping cream and nothing else.

I will put together shortly some K-beauty routines for different skin types, lifestyles and concerns and why each product is needed. But if you just want to get a try here you are a special  box suitable for all type of skins to start with.

Korean Beauty is not only about products or skin type is more than these, and the best way to discover it and not feeling overwhelmed is to start little by little.


  • Start cleansing as soon as you can at night instead of leaving it last minute so that   skin is free of the pollutants that clog pores and cause free radical damage as soon as possible.
  •   Apply your skincare gently and in a patting motion to increase absorption
  •  Try a Sheet mask or face mask at least once a week to rev up skin cell turnover, clarify or give skin that little extra boost it needs.
  •   Don’t forget to wear sunscreen daily in the morning – it’s your #1 protection against premature aging.