Living in Seoul changed not only my mind but also my skin!

My love of K beauty and skincare comes from a personal place. A Spanish native, I  moved to live in South Korea two years ago.(www.withoutbabymonsters.com)

I soon realised that whether they were born beautiful, or whether it was their beauty regime, I cherished and idolised the radiant, acne-free, and flawless skin that Korean women possessed.

But what was the secret of their beautiful skin ?Confucian values shaped Korean beauty ideals, and inner beauty and modesty became a virtue in comparison to showier makeup. To achieve the most beautiful, unadorned look, healthy skin became a priority.

Like everyone else, I was first overwhelmed with the variety of Korean products available in the market. Through a mix of know-how and dedication, I learnt more and more about Korean beauty rituals,  products ,and how to love and appreciate the wonders of it. The time I lived in Seoul I continued pursuing skincare as a hobby, giving friends and family facials and beauty tips, and sharing Korean products I discovered with friends.

My own journey to understand Korean skin care made me a believer and I was passionate to share what I had learned. This obsession led me to found The K skin Factor while combining my business experience with my love of skincare.

Now I want to share and provide my favorites among the latest Korean brands in an affordable and easy way in Shanghai, the place where I,m living.

Are you a skin fanatic?

 My promise is that I will bring you only the best and most innovative products, and the most up-to-date skincare trends, tips and tricks that I love to empower you to transform your skin.

We look forward to sharing my experience and passion for beauty with you, and demystifying the wonderful world of Korean beauty. Email me at anytime contact@thekskinfactor.com for questions, comments or feedback -I love to hear from you!


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