7 days masking


EVERY MONTH, the selection of masks changes, just stay tuned!

Koreans strongly believe that the best and most effective beauty secrets on the earth come straight from nature. Leaving ingredients on the face for some time was intuitively a part of beauty rituals generations ago.They prefer face masks made of natural ingredients and the most commonly used ingredients include fermented yeast, green tea, and snail mucin.

They apply face masks twice a week followed by a facial massage to improve the blood circulation and give their skin a healthy glow.

There’s a quick, once daily treatment that will rejuvenate dull skin, leaving you with a fresh, clean canvas: the seven-day sheet mask challenge, which asks you to commit to a 30-minute at-home facial each day for one week.

At the end of the challenge, you’ll be amazed at how great your skin looks and feels.

It’s a skin-care phenomenon that first gained momentum in Korea and is now taking off overseas. It is also an easy way to jolt your complexion with hyaluronic acid, antioxidants, and other power ingredients in a short period of time. “An intense moisture boost to your skin.

 This box is the Quickest Way to Jump-Start Your Skin: the high-impact, low-commitment challenge is designed to be repeated again and again, whenever you need a boost, but many K-beauty devotees go on to follow a “one day, one pack” philosophy.

There is a lot of instant gratification when it comes to sheet masking. When your skin is especially tired and stressed, your skin mingles with the mask’s beneficial ingredients like skin-loving hyaluronic acid or snail mucin. When you peel off the mask, you see your skin become incredibly soft and plump with moisture. You’ll have a healthy, dewy glow!

Use one sheet mask per day for 7 days straight and watch your skin glow!

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