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I studied Business Administration and worked for many years as a financial auditor for big companies, but I have always been fascinated by the world of art, music and beauty.

My love for skin care comes from a personal place. I moved from Madrid to Seoul 10 years ago and soon fell in love with the radiant, flawless skin that Asian women possess. Her way of taking care of herself and her own concept of what beauty is encouraged me to try another way of approaching my skin and myself. This time not to camouflage it, but to improve it.

In the middle of the transformation process, I found a whole world of products with labels in an impossible language, and shop assistants who were embarrassed to speak English with a foreigner. But not only did I find accessible, better and suitable products for me, but an entire culture of skincare focused on wellness and beauty that I ended up admiring.

Naked in the sauna with my Korean neighbors, I understood that working on the energy of our body can bring incredible changes in the way we feel.

I no longer had to buy what my friends or magazines told me, I wanted to try and do what I saw in a personal way. Taking care of my skin had become as important to me as eating healthy or playing sports and suddenly one day I woke up more comfortable in my skin, more myself.

It soon became clear to me that I not only wanted to understand and practice it, I also needed to share it, so I created my own consulting and sales company for Korean products in Shanghai.I needed to materialize everything in a project that would help people how to feel better through cosmetics. I also wanted to make the products closer to other people like me, break down barriers and facilitate the decision about what to use and what to do, how to treat what we consider imperfections and how the Asian heritage can complement and broaden our vision of cosmetics. The K skin Factor was born.

Guided by the intuition, knowledge and the demands of my clients, workshops, trips and courses soon arrived to discover techniques and disciplines based on Traditional Chinese Medicine, Kobido facial massage, manual lymphatic drainage, cupping, gua shah etc.

All these experiences and time in Asia have been the great inspiration to create my own brand and promote with it that culture of SKINCARE AS A LIFESTYLE.

I am convinced that cosmetics are a supplement to your way of life and that maintaining healthy skin is another way of knowing, accepting and improving yourself. My own journey to discover wellness and understand more about where I lived has made me passionate about skin as an expression of beauty.

I would love you to discover with me everything I have learned.